Chinese Communists Appointed to UN Human Rights Panel has condemned the selection of China to the highest-level United Nations Human Rights Council panel, the Consultative Group, which performs a key role in selecting officials who are supposed to promote and monitor human rights from a global perspective. China has an abysmal human rights record as a communist regime, and has taken steps to evade accountability and silence or arrest critics who have spoken up about the realities of the COVID-19 Corona virus.

Hillel Neuer, Executive Director of UN Watch, has called this decision “absurd” and said that the move parallels making “a pyromaniac into the town fire chief”. UN Watch describes itself as “a non-governmental human rights organization based in Geneva that closely monitors the 47-nation UN Human Rights Council”. An excerpt of his comments are below:

It’s absurd for the UN to allow the Chinese regime, which as a matter of policy and practice arbitrarily detains human right defenders like Zhang Baocheng and Wang Binzhang, to help nominate the next two members of the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention,” said Neuer.

Likewise, at a time when China has forcibly disappeared citizens who express dissent like the executive Ren Zhiqiang, who called Xi a ‘clown’ over coronavirus response — as well as  upwards of a 1 million Muslim Uyghur and minority group members — it is inconceivable that China would be allowed to influence the selection of the next member of the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances,

And how can China be involved in choosing the UN Special Rapporteur on the protection of freedom of opinion and expression, when the regime routinely imposes draconian censorship, and seeks to shut down dissenting voices?

Finally, as the world is suffering from the deadly coronavirus pandemic that spread like wildfire in Wuhan while China silenced doctors, journalists and other citizens who tried to sound the alarm, by what logic can the Beijing regime be involved in choosing the UN’s next global monitor on the right to health?

This is absurd, and China’s appointment threatens to undermine the credibility of the UN’s highest human rights body—which already counts Venezuela, Pakistan, Eritrea and Qatar among its elected members—and is liable to cast a shadow upon the United Nations as a whole…

The UN often describes the UN human rights experts as the ‘crown jewels’ of its Human Rights Council, yet the world body only undermines their legitimacy by picking an authoritarian regime that oppresses human rights activists, dissidents and minorities to preside over the experts’ appointment,” said Neuer.

The United Nations was set up as an international body that served the powers that be, and the rhetoric that it functions to serve the common people is empty posturing. At a time when the Corona virus is raging globally as of this writing, and the global economy lurches due to widespread lockdown, it’s akin to spitting in the face of global citizens to appoint Mr. Jing Duan as Minister for China’s mission to the UN Human Rights Council. UN officials are either unaware of their hypocrisy, or are quite at ease since it fits perfectly with their imperial one-world socialist agenda.

The Corona virus is also suspected of being the direct or indirect creation of Chicoms engaged in the study of various groups of viruses at a CDC located at Wuhan, China.